Our investigators deal with a broad range of corporate and commercial fraud: fraud investigation also known as an internal investigation, various types of theft investigation, life, health, and general insurance claim investigation, asset tracing to find the existence of assets and determine their location as well as skip tracing to determine the whereabouts of missing people. Our methodologies include open-source inquiries, interviews, background checks, discreet field inquiries as well as IT Forensics.

We also serve our brand protection clients with strategies, including copyright and trademark investigations, such as background checks on registrants, field investigations on use, non-use inquiries, anti-counterfeiting, parallel trading investigations, and training with law enforcement.

 Our reports are essential for clients, trademark owners, or law firms working to cancel infringing trademark registrations.

Fraud Investigation

Insurance Investigation

Asset & Skip Tracing

Trademark Investigation

Non-Use Investigation


Parallel Trading Investigation


Uncovering Food Fraud by Optimizing Due Diligence

Food fraud is not a new issue in the food industry. This unethical practice is intricately complex, encompassing deliberate actions aimed at deceiving consumers or gaining undue economic benefits through food manipulation. This includes contaminating food materials, substituting raw ingredients, falsifying labels, manipulating production processes, certification fraud, and fraud within... Read More