Integrity Thailand provides our clients with brand protection strategies and programs which include market monitoring through physical and online market surveys and inspections, copyrights and trademark investigations by conducting background checks on trademark registrants and field investigations on trademark use, non-use investigations, anti-counterfeiting, and parallel trading investigations, as well as training with law enforcement agencies.

Our investigators typically conduct discreet inquiries with the trademark registrant focused on the use of the trademark as well as market surveys throughout the country to determine the use or non-use of the trademark.

Our reports are instrumental for our clients, trademark owners, or law firms assigned to cancel the infringing trademark registration.

Fraud Investigation

Insurance Investigation

Asset & Skip Tracing

Trademark Investigation

Non-Use Investigation


Parallel Trading Investigation


Preventing politically exposed persons from exposing risks to your companies

Politically Exposed Person (PEP) is a term coined to describe an individual entrusted with a prominent public service. PEP includes State Administrators as referred to in the laws and regulations governing State Administrators as well as people who are registered as members of political parties. These people influence the policies and... Read More