1. Policy statement
      The Company is committed to conduct all business in an honest, ethical and professional manner wherever the Company operates.
    2. Definition
      Bribery occurs when someone offers, pays or accepts payments, gifts or other benefits from and to third parties in order to influence business results and/or serve personal interests.
    3. Scope
      This policy applies in all countries or regions where the Company operates, including all individuals who work at all levels and other parties working with the Company.
    4. Policy
      1. It is prohibited to accept gifts or confer gifts to third parties in any form.
      2. It is prohibited to give, promise or offer gifts or hospitality to public officials or third parties for any purpose.
      3. Any form of gifts, invitations and/or hospitality received or offered, including suspicions about the practice of bribery or corruption must be immediately reported.
      4. Prevention, detection and reporting of all forms of bribery and corruption are the responsibility of all employees.
      5. Any employee who violates this policy will face disciplinary action, which can result in dismissal due to a serious violation.
      6. This policy must be read in conjunction with the No Gift and Entertainment Policy and the Company’s Code of Ethics.
    5. Monitoring
      The Company will periodically evaluate the policy, including reporting systems so that the policy can be carried out effectively.

The Quality Control Department will report the implementation of this policy to the Director on an annual basis.

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