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Challenges of criminal checks in Thailand

A potential risk in the recruitment process is the possibility of hiring employees who have been involved in criminal activities.... Read More

Let’s make chocolate!

Activities to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Integrity Asia were not only held by the team at the head office... Read More

Reaping better business opportunities with ESG due diligence

While the world celebrates World Environment Day on 5th June every year, this year (2022) came with a new theme,... Read More

Beware, the number of crypto fraud cases on LinkedIn is growing

People trust LinkedIn as a reputable professional networking platform. However, this networking platform is still susceptible to fraud. According to... Read More

Pre-employment screening as a compliance tool with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

One of the implications of globalization is the growing threat of human rights violations and environmental degradation caused by commercial... Read More

Legalization of Marijuana in several countries

The tide is progressively moving in favor of marijuana legalization worldwide. Amsterdam was once the city most associated with marijuana-related... Read More

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