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Preventing politically exposed persons from exposing risks to your companies

Politically Exposed Person (PEP) is a term coined to describe an individual entrusted with a prominent public service. PEP includes... Read More

The role of whistleblowing and digital forensics in exposing data manipulation fraud

In cases of occupational fraud, the perpetrators not only devise intricate schemes to deceive organizations but also employ various techniques... Read More

OSINT: A weapon against counterfeit drugs

The development of the digital world has brought about various changes, including the circulation of counterfeit drugs. As information becomes... Read More

Anonymity in whistleblowing: The pros, cons, and solutions

Whistleblowing systems play a crucial role in detecting misconduct and promoting ethical behavior within organizations. However, in reality, the very... Read More

One of the major hindrances of your whistleblowing system that can cause colossal loss

Whistleblowing has been gaining recognition as a tool that could be used for the early detection of frauds - misconduct,... Read More

Understanding and anticipating the risks of whistleblowing

According to the ACFE's Report to the Nations 2022, the whistleblowing system detected 42% of the fraud cases studied and... Read More

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