Let’s make chocolate!

integrity thailand Chocolab

Let’s make chocolate!

integrity thailand ChocolabActivities to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Integrity Asia were not only held by the team at the head office in Jakarta, Indonesia but also by the Integrity teams in other regions such as Thailand with fun and creative group meeting activities.

In this celebration, the team dined together in the afternoon and the fun continued with the next activity—making chocolate. Located in the S/O Hotel, the team found Chocolab: the only cafe in Thailand that focuses on food made from chocolate.

Under the guidance of renowned chef, Piti Saengmanee, the team was guided through various stages of chocolate-making with different types of nuts and flavors to combine. The team was also assigned to make 2 types of chocolate, truffle and median, with their own creativity.

This time, Integrity’s birthday celebration is an occasion for all team members to gather after two years of hybrid working, i.e., working from home and from the office, due to the pandemic.

This extraordinary event further united and strengthened the work and bonds of the entire Integrity Thailand team.

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