Intellectual Property Investigations in Thailand

Integrity Thailand provides detection and investigation services related to trademark infringements, counterfeiting and tampering.

Background check on a trademark registrant

Integrity Thailand provides our clients with background checks on trademark registrants to assess the purpose of their registration and determine their background. This information is required to determine the actions to take against potentially infringing registrants.

Use / Non-Use Investigations

Integrity Thailand conducts regulatory checks and market inspections to determine whether a targeted product is in use in Thailand. Our reports support lawsuits such as cases of trademark deletion.

Market inspections

Market inspections and online searches are conducted to identify fake stores, infringing signage or infringing trademark use such as the presence of counterfeit, tampered, contraband or parallel import products on the markets. Products can be purchased physically or online for laboratory testing and evidential purposes.


Integrity Thailand conducts product knowledge and counterfeit awareness training sessions with law enforcement agencies.

Counterfeit Investigations

Our investigators conduct investigations to understand the supply chain and to identify wholesalers, importers and manufacturers. These investigations are conducted through discreet approaches and surveillance. These inquiries can be also conducted to understand the source or parallel import or parallel export products.


Based on our client’s requirements, Integrity Thailand reports the cases to the relevant law enforcement authorities.

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